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Maison Courmayeur Apartments

Strada della Funivia, downtown Courmayeur

5-story building, with garages and cellars, in the heart of downtown Courmayeur, just a stone’s throw from the cableway. The building is equipped with unmatched services compared to any other house in the area.

Prestigious Apartments for Sale
with all mod cons


Low-Energy Apartments (Class A)

The Maison Courmayeur apartments are rated as class A properties due to the use of innovative technological systems, such as windows with triple glazing and air chamber, latest generation thermal insulation, mechanical ventilation and remote thermoregulation.

Exclusive Use Gym

Exclusive access to the gym of the Maison Courmayeur building. The gym has large windows with views of the mountains.

Ski Depot

The apartment building features a large, fully equipped room for storing ski equipment. Special timed devices dry out ski boots through warm airflows.

Laundry Room

The Maison Courmayeur building features a laundry room set up for the installation of a washing and a drying machine for every apartment.

In the Heart of Courmayeur

The Maison Courmayeur complex of apartments for sale, situated in Strada della Funivia, on the corner with Via Regionale 47, is located in a privileged position just a stone’s throw from the cableway linking the center of Courmayeur to the ski slopes.


Homes for sale in Courmayeur, Maison Courmayeur

Apartment Building
Maison Courmayeur

Strada della Funivia – angolo Via Regionale, 47, 11013 Courmayeur AO

Homes for sale in Courmayeur, Maison Courmayeur and Tecno Consulent Costruzioni edili Bergamo

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Via Papa Giovanni, 9 – 24050 Cavernago BG

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